Just imagine that everything you can see had a voice and could speak. Just imagine that a mediaeval castle could sing. Just imagine that you could take in an exhibition not only through your eyes but also through your ears. That's our vision. Audio guides by Texetera... Hear, hear!

You will find our audio guides in museums, including the Historical Museum of Bern, in historic buildings, like Chillon Castle, on walks, for example round the city of Bern, and on bus rides, such as the 4-pass round trip by post bus.

Audioguide über Albert Einsteins Leben im Historischen Museum Bern
Augusta Raurica mit einem iPod-Audiguide erforschen, in Begleitung von Quintus, einem römischen Schmied


What we do

We are a team of professional writers, translators, speakers and sound engineers. In partnership with you we will put together an audio guide which will take people by the hand and guide them through your exhibition, your castle, your church, your city or even your region. And we will enhance it by creating an acoustic environment to really draw your visitor in.


Technology to enjoy!

Most audio guides look as if they've been adapted from a 1950s telephone. We wonder why. We think that modern content deserves modern dress. Our audio guides work with today's technology - and with tomorrow's. With iPod, for example.


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The pile dwellers are now Unesco heritage. Here's the App...


...for iPhone...
...and Android!
Interne Seite: Palafittes Guide – Unesco World Heritage to listen to
Interne Seite: Palafittes Guide – Unesco World Heritage to listen to


Externe Seite: Palafittes Guide fürs iPhone
Externe Seite: Palafittes Guide für Android-Geräte


Audio guide at the Rhine Falls

Interne Seite: The Rhine Falls

Europe's biggest waterfall now has its own Texetera audio guide in 9 languages.

The Climate Guide

Interne Seite: Jungfrau Climate Guide


Externe Seite: Klimaguide für iPhone

Multimedia Guide on iPhone for the Jungfrau Region.